Access control / Time attendance

Access Control / Time attendance

Access Control is the new hiring of a Security guard except that this service needs to be paid for only once and is smarter and more rigid than a human security guard. Let your offices and control areas guarded by machines that are programmed to allow only authorised personnel into your work area. Access Control not only controls who enters or exits your premises but is also helpful in marking the attendance of your employees in the workstation. It controls and maintains security with ID and other credential verification plus biometric verification. You can track and regulate who is entering your premises with Access Control to protect sensitive areas from break-ins or to avoid any other security threats.


Access Control service products can also be equipped with Time Attendance services to aid you in keeping track of the time your employees stay in or to take note of who is regular.Time Attendance System is an easy process to stay updated about your employees’ work shifts that aids in inferring their payroll. Xpert Solutions is the real solution to all security needs for your office to make sure you live and work in a secure environment that is smart and free of any outside inconvenience. We put supervision in your control so that you run your offices, industries, factories, storage houses, banks, and other safety requiring places in an efficient and a protective means. So equip your place with the latest and safest electronic security devices and services offered by the Xpert Solutions.